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The Recorded Hidden Pivot Webinars

These is the Hidden Pivot Method Seminar recording. It has three one hour sessions. I’ve shortened and tightened the course by distilling it down to the visual essence of the Hidden Pivot Method. Although I’ve always emphasized the visual — i.e., pattern recognition — the new course will dispense with rules to the extent possible. This means less talk about such things as k-A segments, internal and external highs and lows, shadowed peaks and “sausage” lows. The goal is to allow even the novice to approach trades at the instinctual level without getting bogged down in the whys and wherefores. You are free to view them in whatever order you choose, however we obviously recommend watching them in sequence. Also included are the Q & A after each session.

Sincerely Rick Ackerman

The Most Current Hidden Pivot Webinar (recorded) December 3, 2019

To play the video, simply cursor over the video picture and press the play button at the bottom-left of the video window. To adjust the volume, press one of the volume buttons near the lower-right of the window. To view in full-screen mode (highly recommended), click the expand icon in the lower-right of each window. Finally, to ensure that you are viewing these presentations in their highest quality, be sure that ‘HD is On’ is displayed (if there is an option); if it isn’t, simply click ‘HD is Off’ to switch to the higher quality

The following are the basic sections of each video. 

Part 1 of 3 – Basic trading concepts derived from A-B-C patterns: identifying highs and lows, calculating targets and entry points, and using impulse legs to initiate trades and gauge trend strength.

Part 2 of 3 – Advanced concepts related to impulse legs. Leveraging the midpoint Hidden Pivot. Five entry tactics: conventional, camouflage, counterintuitive, mechanical and timed.

Part 3 of 3 – The final segment covers four entry tactics: camouflage, counterintuitive, mechanical, and timed buy-stop. The webinar concludes with a discussion of useful tricks, risk-management tactics and a systematic approach toward developing market instincts (aka “horse sense”). It includes Q&A during the course.

Hidden Pivot Webinar - Classic Version

This is the Classic Hidden Pivot Method Webinar recording. It is presented as a set of six one-hour sessions. You are free to view them in whatever order you choose, however we obviously recommend watching them in sequence.

Part 1 of 6 We look at the basics of the Hidden Pivot Method, including a primer on Lindsay’s Trident that discovers some of its crucial flaws. We also learn a simple trick to help us identify tradable price patterns, even when they are intuitively obscure.

Part 2 of 6 The ability to identify highs and lows of similar degree is a critical skill, so we spend considerable time on it during this segment. We also learn about the impulse leg, the most important concept in the course and one that can be used by traders and forecasters as a stand-alone tool to initiate trades and manage their risk.

Part 3 of 6 Using “one-off” highs and lows often yields the most precise targets. We look at numerous examples, including a few that draw on our newly learned ability to easily “deconstruct” tradable ABC patterns. The segment concludes with a few additional pointers to add to our trader’s bag of tric

Part 4 of 6 A few more pointers, and then we launch into an extensive discussion of the Midpoint Pivot, using a perfect chart to illustrate. Hidden Pivot midpoints often overflow with valuable information for trading and forecasting, and so we consider numerous charts in which this proved to be the cause.

Part 5 of 6
After learning a clever way to leverage the critical flaws of Lindsay’s Trident to our advantage, we look at a series of charts that shows how to zoom in and out of time frames to find what we’re looking for. Finally, using everything we’ve learned, we delve into the science and art of Camouflage Trading.

Part 6 of 6
With newly acquired skills, using examples drawn from real-life charts, we ski some expert terrain,. We conclude the course with a close look at TradeStation charts that


Power Point Presentations For The Hidden Pivot Video

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Power Point presentation September 2018 Seminar. Click the link below to download.

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