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Are you looking for a way to quickly and safely generate income regardless of stock market swings?

Discover THE Safest Trading Strategy for Generating Income Regardless of Market Swings!

Rick Ackerman’s MECHANICAL TRADE SYSTEM is a simple yet proven way to generate daily income from trades in as little as 1 hour a day.


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Benefits of the Mechanical Trade System…

“I followed Rick for a while then took the HIDDEN PIVOT course around a month ago. Followed that with the Mechanical trade course. Made my money back plus on the first few trades. I had traded off and on for years but seemed like I pick the exact wrong time to buy every single time. I retired, took these courses and can tell you they give you a reason to buy not based on emotion or what ifs but on the chart. When to buy when to sell and you use that knowledge to trade whatever you want. I cannot recommend the courses enough.”
Student of Rick's Courses

From the desk of:
Rick Ackerman
Editor and Publisher of “Rick’s Picks”

Dear fellow Trader,

If you’ve been cynical of the market, like me, you’re fed up with the ups and downs of your portfolio, or you just want to replace your day job income with safe and simple trading strategies…

I promise to show you a clear and proven trading system that can…

  • Generate income safely, simply and steadily for as long as you live
  • You don’t need to have any previous experience
  • You don’t need to be a math wiz – I’m certainly not
  • You don’t need a lot of time – just an hour a day

That’s right! Within just 30 days, you’ll be up and making trades that generate enough to replace your income within just 60 to 90 minutes a day!

This is game-changing news for you because among 16,000 workers and retirees surveyed from 15 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia, only 36 percent reported that they are very confident they will be able to retire comfortably.

Globally, that share drops to 29 percent, according to a new report shared on 

It’s sad to know that so many people work most of their lives and get to a place where they should be able to enjoy life, but can’t!

Than NEVER has to be YOU with strategies like I reveal!

“I had $24,500.00 in my IRA and I now have about $34,500.00 ! What can I say? I’m amazed by your uncanny ability to see stock moves. To put it simply, ‘Boy, I’m glad you’re on my side’!”
Mike Boschma
At-home trader

The trick is to accurately and consistently read those chart ticks so that you’ll be ahead of the curve – knowing what the market is going to do – with a certainty that shames the so-called experts.

You’ll find out how you’ll be able to do this with zero previous experience, but first…

Who is Rick Ackerman?

You’re probably wondering, right off the bat, “Who is this guy?” and “Is he blowing smoke with his promises?”

I’m the editor and publisher of Rick’s Picks, an online service for traders from novice to expert level. I’ve been trading for more than 40 years, a dozen of them as an options market-maker on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange.

My work has been featured by CNBC and Bloomberg, and I’ve written on the markets and the economy for numerous publications, including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, Barron’s, Stocks, Futures & Options magazine, and The San Francisco Examiner.

A headline in Barron’s labeled me an “intrepid trader” after I helped the FBI solve a notorious pill-tampering case. I received a $200,000 reward and a guest appearance on “FBI: The Untold Story.” An epic party in San Francisco Bay celebrated the event.

In the trading world, I’m known for the unusual accuracy of my price predictions and for the Hidden Pivot Method I use to trade and forecast. My provocative insights and timely trading calls have made me a frequent guest on shows hosted by Max Keiser, Greg Hunter, Corey Fleck and Jim Goddard, among others.

My thoughts on the markets and the headlines have also been featured on ZeroHedge, Seeking Alpha, Benzinga, The Daily Reckoning, FX Street, Financial Survival Network, Crush the Street, Jory Capital, Howe Street, Gold-Eagle, GoldSeek, 321Gold and Kitco.

Now that you know that I’m the real deal, I’ve got a question myself…

What Happened to Our ‘Nest Eggs’

About every 10 years it appears that the stock market will crash for some reason or another. In 2008, we experienced the Great Recession, which was history making. The most recent event, ‘The Great Pause,’ rattled many peoples’ investments – which may cause an extremely volatile effect in the markets for the next year or so.

That’s a Serious Problem!

If you want to generate steady returns and make portfolio income and all you know is buy low, sell high…you may have better luck on the black jack table in Vegas! In other words, that’s not gonna cut it. And you also don’t need to waste your time and money betting on fly-by-night ‘opportunities’ such as investing in gold, franchise business ideas, and other schemes that will cost a fortune and leave you either broke…busy…frustrated or all of the above. That’s why I’m revealing one of my best trading strategies that has worked for me and thousands of students, for decades, to generate income regardless of market downturns. I hate claims of a “silver bullet” solution. Rather, I teach you a proven, step-by-step method you can learn for yourself.
“As a retired CTA I have never seen anything as prescient as your Black Box Forecasts. It’s like having a crystal ball. On my very first trade with you (September 14), the long bond had closed at 112.28. You advised that they would sink to ‘exactly 112.16.’ Your instructions were to bid 112.17, risk just eight ticks, and then to hold to a 113.17 objective.

I entered the entire trade before the open, and like magic the low was hit shortly after the open at exactly 112.16, and, incredibly, the market rallied through 113.17 for a clean $1,000 profit per contract!

Black Box Forecasts is simply black magic, and I particularly admire your patience and discipline to only offer trades whose projected profits are four times greater than the money risked. With odds like that you provide a money management, risk/reward discipline that is unrivaled.”
Scott Reeves
Retired technical analyst
I’ve packaged the entire method into a program you now have the limited-time opportunity to own, called the…

Mechanical Trading System

A Rules Based Trading Strategy that Minimizes Risk and Maximizes Profit Potential Regardless of Market Swings

Learn this Simple Yet Powerful Trading Technique for Just $497


Limited-Time BONUS GIFT:  Enroll Now and Get

Total Value - $918

Before I go on to discuss what you get in this course…

How to Accomplish Two Powerful Investment Objectives

The mechanical trading strategy is a method that meets two critical objectives if you want to enjoy a financially stress-free life…

Half of Americans are rightly scared that they’ll go broke in retirement while millions have lost their jobs and businesses and, sadly, ARE broke.

That’s because they don’t have a plan to generate income without working full-time jobs… and those stats were taken before the world SHUTDOWN due to the global pandemic!

If you learn this method that is working for tons of students to generate full-time income in as little as 1 hour a day, you never have to worry about going broke.

With as little as $2,000 – $3,000 – you can generate profits that replace your paycheck within just 60 – 90 minutes a day!

And you can do this as many days as you want to generate however much supplemental monthly income you need.

Topics Covered in the Course

You’ll get access to your library of video training you can watch over and over again as you implement this system.

Here’s a sneak peak at the modules:

Module 1: How to Set Up Your Trading Account

You’ll start with step-by-step instructions on how and where to set up your trading account. If you think you know how to best do this, think again. You’ll get insider pro tips you can’t miss.

Module 2: Introduction to the Conventional rABC setup

You’ll gain the basics to recognize the Conventional rABC setup to gain the confidence needed to setup your trades using the Mechanical Trading method. This is what everyone in the Rick’s Picks Trading Room are dying to learn!

Module 3: Mechanical Trading (Entries)

You’ll get a complete, step-by-step breakdown of this proven trading method. You’ll have the skills and know-how to comfortably setup your trades within weeks.

Module 4: Risk Management

Protecting your original investment is vitality important to succeed as a trader. You’ll learn how to manage your trading portfolio to mitigate risk while capitalizing on daily opportunities

Module 5: Planning Your Trading Day

You’ll learn different ways to organize your trading activities within your week and daily schedule. We’ll explore different trading routines from the in-and-out once a week trader to the daily trader.

Module 6: A Simple System for Developing ‘Horse Sense’

Avoid some of the biggest mistakes novice and expert traders alike are making. Know when it is too good to be true and avoid being fooled in a money pit.

📊 CHARTS INCLUDED: Plus, you’ll also get access to 1,000’s of annotated charts to fix profitable patterns in the back of your mind. These charts will reveal the exact patterns you’ll look for in the market to execute trades like a pro!

These powerful sessions will give you…

Armed with these insightful resources, you’ll be on the fast-track to knowing precisely what to look for in chart movements and you’ll know exactly what to do to get into a trade and generate profits, day-after-day.

You’ll soon progress to developing your own favorite trading patterns as you master this profitable method!

With this system you have everything you need to generate profits for a long and happy life.


This course could easily sell for $5,000 or more. You’re learning a strategy that fully equips you to start from zero and start generating income that can replace your full-time income regardless of market downturns.

In fact, I’ve sold courses like this for that price for years at prices in this range. Still, my aim is to help a lot more people that are facing challenges with the shift of the economy. I see far too many hard working people who are scared of the economy while I’m greeted by highly skilled workers at the grocery stores. I know good and well these individuals wish there was a better way.

So then, I’ve priced this course at a moderate $497.

But wait, now I’m offering you even more…


Enroll Now and Get the…


In this foundational course, you’ll discover the ABC’s of successful trading for safe and consistent profits with 40 years of proven secrets compressed into just 60 minutes of powerful training!

In this course, you’ll discover the:

It’s the perfect compliment to the powerful Mechanical Trade System!

There’s simply not a better FIRST STEP you can take into the world of successful trading from home and utilizing the Hidden Pivot Method that allows you to trade with confidence without pouring over hours of chart analysis than the Fundamentals of the Hidden Pivot Method Course.

This course sells for $47 but if you enroll today, it’s yours at zero cost!’ll be able to apply your Mechanical Trade System tuition towards enrollment of upcoming courses!!!

That’s a total $918 value for just $497!

“I have to tell you I've taken other classes and spent years listening to so called gurus about how well they do.. usually a bunch of crap I've found..However, this Mechanical Trading System course gives you an upper hand. I'm still learning, but am impressed with how his [Rick’s] set ups work once plotted. I say this because I was like you too. But after 2 weeks I've done well with AAPL and have repaid for my course and signed up for the daily service too...all with profits made using it...I promised my wife I would only use profits to purchase anything which is exactly what I'm doing... I have to say give it a try...I think you'll be blown away.”

Myths About Trading…Demystified

Perhaps you have some lingering ideas in your head about trading that still make you wary.

I’ll be the first to say, you should be scared out of your boots! There are many well-founded ideas people have about trading that are simply false when it comes to the methods I teach and how my students and I conduct trades.

Myth #1: Trading Takes 8 Hours a Day Watching Charts

While many trading practices have popularized this perception of trading, it’s completely false for my methods.

Here’s the Truth:

Myth #2: Market Timing is Highly Risky

This is very true. Most market timing methods that attempt to predict market movements are horrible. The batting average of these methods gets even worse when you’ve got an up and down roller coaster market. But there’s a reason that I’ve been a successful trader for decades and why thousands of students of my methods have too!

Here’s the Truth:

Myth #3: Trading is Too Complicated

It’s true that some trading methods involve a lot of math, charts, and other hair-brained factors to try to predict chart moves. However, my Mechanical Method involves zero math. You will learn to identify chart structures and patterns in order to make logical, emotionless, objective decisions.

Here’s the Truth:

Here’s my promise to you – once you fully grasp this Mechanical Trade System, you’re going to be stunned at how precisely you’ll be tagging market highs, lows, upturns and downturns.

In fact, once you master it you’ll be coming within a tick or two of dead-center bulls eyes for many (if not most) of your trade entries and exits.

“Your rules based system has really put it together for me.”
Jim Noetzelman
I have found Rick’s technical analysis to be extremely reliable. His dedication to subscribers is unsurpassed by any other charting service. Furthermore, he writes in a concise, unwavering manner that cannot be misconstrued. His commentary is a must for any macro investor.
Al Grigoletto
Professional trader

Living Life, On Your Terms…

As you click the button to enroll into the course, I want you to imagine yourself just 45 days from today – executing trades and generating daily paychecks that potentially replace your income.

It’s really exciting because you know this is income you produced in just 60-90 minutes of time before you even start your day…a day where you’re generating income so you don’t start drawing down on your investment principle.

Fast forward to a full year from now. You’ve mastered this strategy and are confident in executing trades. You love how low-stress these trades are and that they produce consistent income for you.

You’ve found that you can achieve consistent, winning results which have built rock-solid confidence to take the small losers in stride. You’re never emotional because you’ve mastered the simple rules, calculations and know precisely how to read the movements of the charts to execute profitable trades.

The best part is that you’ve been able to travel, see beautiful places, eat at fine restaurants, indulge in your favorite hobbies and develop new ones, you’re able to buy good gifts for your kids and grandchildren and the love of your life. You’re proud of yourself for figuring out what so many seniors haven’t – how to generate income without worrying about market swings.

Go ahead and claim this vision for yourself and enroll into the MECHANICAL TRADE SYSTEM Course plus the Limited-Time BONUS GIFT – FUNDAMENTALS OF THE HIDDEN PIVOT METHOD – a total value of $544, your for just $497!


And Remember… you’ll be able to apply your Mechanical Trade System tuition towards enrollment of upcoming courses!!!

“Rick Ackerman’s daily forecasts are superior to that of any other technical data I have seen. In particular, I have found the bond and S&P analysis to be extremely reliable, in addition to the individual securities”
John P. Morgan
Professional trader
"Rick, you are a genius. Gold had one of its biggest swings today in 20 years, and you nailed both the exact high and low by within a total of less than one point."
Stan R.
At-home trader

Frequently Asked Questions

This simple method allows beginners and experienced traders to get started with as little as $3,000 and accurately make profitable daily trades like an industry pro!
Yes! You don’t have to analyse charts for countless hours and you certainly don’t need to do complex math for this to work. To execute the method all you need is to do a few basic calculations and be able to recognize a few elementary charts.
Many trading systems have a steep learning curve and require countless hours of learning and application for you to be successful. A lot of industry experts have you follow their trades without ever understanding them which can induce anxiety. This system teaches you how to fish, minimize your risk, understand your trades and has you equipped to trade in as little as 3 to 4 weeks with only 60 to 90 minutes a week.
You’ll gain lifetime access to the course materials for as long as our website is alive and you’ll have the opportunity to download the materials if we wind down. Rick Ackerman has been trading for over 40 years and operating the website since 2009.

Enroll into the MECHANICAL TRADE SYSTEM Course
a total value of $544, your for just $497!