Frequently Asked Questions About The Hidden Pivot Seminar

How often and at what time is the seminar usually held?

The seminar is conducted from 6PM to 9PM US Mountain Standard Time (GMT – 6) and is offered at intervals of roughly 6-8 weeks. There is typically no seminar during the months of July and August, when many traders are vacationing.

Is there a recorded version?

Yes. The complete 6-hour recording of our most recent seminar is always available online. It is identical to the live class in every way.

Can I watch the recorded version instead of taking the live course? Can I take both?

Yes. We recognize that the class is held at a time that is inconvenient in some timezones. We have tried to schedule it during the hours when the majority of students will be available. If the time of the class is inconvenient, by all means, watch the recorded version. But even if you watch the recorded version, you can still take the live class. It is entirely up to you.

If I order the seminar today, can I begin watching it immediately?

Yes, although we suggest waiting until the printed manual and CD arrive.

How long will it take for the CD and printed materials to arrive? How are they shipped?

These items are shipped via Priority Mail and International Priority Mail. Delivery time in the USA is generally 2-3 days, while delivery to destinations outside the US will vary, depending on customs approval. So, if you live outside the US, you should allow at least 1-2 weeks for delivery. Once your package is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email.

What are The Hidden Pivot Tutorial Sessions?

These are weekly sessions, typically held on Wednesdays, where students can interact one-on-one with Rick to hone their skills. When you purchase the seminar, you will receive a complimentary 90-day  subscription to these tutorials.

I took the class a while back and would like to take it again to refresh my skills. How can I do that?

Graduates of The Hidden Pivot Seminar are eligible to signup for a quarterly Hidden Pivot Tutorials subscription. With this subscription you will have access to the weekly live sessions, a library over 100 hours of previously recorded sessions, as well as the most recent 6-hour seminar recording. To add it to your account, please visit the My Account page and select on the Add/Renew tab.

Is there some preparatory study I should do before taking your course, on charts and chart reading for example? If so, which book or books would you recommend?

No preparation is necessary, although reading Lindsay’s “Trident: A Trading Strategy” will help you master some important content covered in the first 20 minutes of the course.

How large would you say my trading bank should be in order to get started?

Margin ample for four contracts – perhaps as little as $15k . Rick suggests starting with mini-indexes, mini-gold or mini-silver.

What information services would I need to make the most of the hidden pivot technique – can I get all the stats and charts I will need for free, as part of a trading account (and if so, which company would you recommend as offering the best information services as part of having an account)? Or am I going to need to pay subscriptions to various information providers (and if so, how much would my overheads be on a yearly basis)?

For day trading, a real-time feed is essential. The platform will usually cost you nothing or very little if you trade a few times a week, but exchange fees cannot be gotten around. Mini-S&Ps are pretty cheap, but if you trade Crude Oil, for one, you’ll need to pay NYMEX $60 a month.

Is it possible that I might do the course but simply fail to understand it?

Initially, perhaps – but not after you’ve reviewed a few of the more than one hundred hourly recordings of Wednesday tutorial sessions.

How long would you expect it to take for an average person to master the hidden pivot method and become a good trader in their own right, without having to rely on your recommendations (excellent though they may be)?

If you are diligent about attending and reviewing the Wednesday sessions, you should be at least as good as any guru, even a famous one, within 12 weeks. Mastery will come with more time.

How would I attend the post-webinar classes you offer if I am at work – is there a time expiry for taking up the classes, or can I opt to do them when I can get the time off work?

They are all recorded and usually made available the same day.

How do you know that the sheer weight of money following your recommendations or the number of people using your method for analysis will not squeeze margins at your hidden pivot points to the point of unprofitability?

Sometimes it does appear that Rick’s targets are getting front-run. But there are so many vehicles to trade, and so many places to initiate profitable trades in each, that there will always be good opportunities.