Comments on The Hidden Pivot Seminar

The following unsolicited comments about The Hidden Pivot Seminar were sent to us from David Ivory, a recent graduate of the course. We frequently receive similar comments about the Seminar, but David’s so neatly summarize what other alumni have been saying for years that we felt they merited publication here – RA

I have from time to time tried different methods and systems, and paid handsomely too for the privilege. I guess they must work for some people but about the best I could say is that I have probably managed to glean something of value from each of them. Most were frankly a waste of money and simply repeated methods which are readily and easily accessible elsewhere in print, or used “proprietary indicators” which were not, and all claimed a level of profitability which was grossly exaggerated or delivered regular losses, while most either used no risk or money management or if they did so, the trader died the death of a thousand cuts – many small losses which wiped out his account.

So here I am, in the middle of the most challenging markets any of us have seen for some time, and I am pinching myself to be sure I am not dreaming. I am more confident every day with the Hidden Pivot approach. I am making money. I have a method which appears to fit right in with the scaleability requirements (I trade or manage my entire worth) and I am able to escape the screen if I so wish. I do not end the day stressed and hyperactive. I can talk to other traders in a friendly environment. Last, as an English Literature graduate myself of many years ago, I really appreciate the descriptive words, the simplicity and elegance of the uncluttered charts and the unashamed use of personal judgement. All this without hype, hyperbole or bullshit.

Impressed? I am absolutely knocked out – just wish I had found the site years ago.

Thanks to Marilyn too who helped get me rolling with the course on webinar…

Best wishes, long may you continue.

David Ivory

In France