Don’t get bit when you’re swimming with sharks

Use this sure-fire trick to reduce entry risk by as much as 98% whenever you trade.

A choppy trading pool is a huge challenge for lone-shark
players who want to avoid getting hooked on bets that go awry.

But what if I told you it’s possible to make a big splash in volatile markets (like Amazon)
and risk as little as $2 to $4 per share?

Using ‘camouflage’ trade set-ups, you can easily spot great bets and start reeling in steady profits today!

Get this Risk-Reducing Course for Just $499

*$499 tuition fee may be applied to Rick’s Hidden Pivot Method or rABC course options.

Here’s how you’ll benefit when you sign up to learn the ‘camo’ trading technique now for only $499*!

*$499 tuition fee may be applied to Rick’s Hidden Pivot Method or rABC course options.

  • Fearlessly trade some of the priciest, most volatile stocks around (even cryptocurrencies), no matter where you are in your trading journey.
  • Use ‘camouflage’ alone or with virtually any other trading system to pinpoint your entries.
  • Learn to eliminate stress, guesswork, and even risk on your next trade.
  • Understand and predict market patterns on a smaller scale for exponential profits.
  • Build the habit of becoming a great trader guided by instinct

Why Camouflage?

Don’t let every Tom, Dick, and Harry mooch your hard-earned spoils. The Camouflage Technique puts beginner and advanced traders in stealth-mode, honing their instincts to make winning trades straight out of the gate.

Find great trades in ‘boring’ spots where others have been lulled to sleep.

The one-minute bar chart offers non-stop opportunities all day long. With ‘camo’ set-ups, you can trade any vehicle, including bitcoin, at will while others are either asleep at the wheel or too scared to act.

Stop trying to catch a falling piano.

Instead, learn to draw patterns that will guide your profit-making from start to finish. Even with your hands full, the Camouflage Technique leaves room for a quick and painless escape if things don’t go according to plan.    

Multiply entry points for big-picture opportunities.

The camo technique will allow you to trade big-picture opportunities using entry triggers and stop-losses applicable to much smaller, more numerous patterns. You’ll gain sniper-accurate risk control, but also the fixed vantage point that alone can help you develop trading instincts.

Make money even on ‘bad’ trades.

Zooming in on the lesser charts, you can never go far astray. Quick exits mean smaller losses, which ultimately means more money in your pocket. Camo trading gives you an easy and foolproof way to spot adverse turns the instant they begin, so that you can take your money and run – and fearlessly jump back in when the time is right.

What You Get When You Enroll

  • Module One: Basics of the Hidden Pivot Method
    You don’t need to be a math whiz to spot winning patterns. This module explores the visual “ABCs” used to identify the best entry point every time. It also provides a firm foundation for your mastery of the Camouflage Trading Technique.

  • Module Two: Finding Optimal ‘Camouflage’ Patterns
    We use very small abc patterns to hitch nearly riskless rides on mother-ship patterns of much larger degree. The secret lies in spotting tiny ‘‘impulse legs’ that can telegraph big moves on the larger charts. The impulse legs are too small to attract much attention, hence the use of the word ‘camouflage’ to describe their well-concealed power.

  • Module Three: Trade Rating System
    This is a proprietary method of matching your appetite for risk to market conditions on a given day. The technique is purely visual and designed to embed winning (and losing) patterns on your brain, eliminating the need for a trading diary.

  • Module Four: Using Patterns to Fashion Entry Triggers
    Traders should NEVER rely on guesswork. This lesson will add precision and discipline to your entries so that you rarely initiate a ‘bad’ trade. You’ll learn to eliminate entry risk almost entirely, even when trading volatile killers like bitcoin, Tesla or Amazon.

  • Module Five: Dynamic Risk Management
    Understanding when and how to take partial profits is the key to reducing trading stress. Get this right and the relaxation it affords will enable you to trade like you have a crystal ball. The simple, mechanically determined levels detailed in this lesson will not only allow you to manage the ongoing risk of a trade easily, it will also generate stop-losses that avoid stampedes.

Trade-pattern recognition takes diligence. When you sign for the camouflage course, you’ll gain access to charts that visually condition your eye to spot timely opportunities that others tend to miss.

The simplified reference material we provide will allow you to instantly grasp the simplicity, logic, and power of the Camouflage Trading Technique. You’ll find quick primers on impulse legs, opportune patterns, and the camouflage thought-process.

 To Rick’s Tutorial Sessions (a $236 value)

For two months, you’ll have access to Rick Ackerman’s fortnightly, online tutorial sessions and to recordings of them if you are unable to attend. Don’t expect chalk-talks or Powerpoint slides; Rick discusses, analyzes, and makes trades in real time so that you can watch and learn straight from the source.

Rick charges $400 an hour for private consultations. But if you enroll in this course, you’ll have an opportunity to ask him questions at the end of each tutorial session and to query him directly in the Rick’s Picks chat room. Add in two months of daily newsletter content PLUS free access to the archive of Rick’s recorded classes, and the price of the ‘camouflage’ course becomes an extraordinary bargain.

Follow-up with the live Q&A at the end of every session, dig deep for advice on the real trades you’re trying to execute, and jump in with fellow investors to build a solid trading network as you grow! 

Fundamentals of the Hidden Pivot Method

Enhance your understanding of camouflage trading patterns with this companion video, which lays out the basics of Rick’s Hidden Pivot Method. In this course, a capsule version of a two-day seminar that was once offered at $2500, you will learn some profitable tricks that you can quickly put to use with impulse legs and midpoint pivots. The presentation is packed with trading fundamentals that are essential for succeeding over the long haul.


*$499 tuition fee may also be applied to Rick’s Hidden Pivot Method or rABC course options.

“Anyone looking to learn how to pinpoint prices inside these volatile markets needs to study and learn Rick’s system. Being in the markets for 24 years, I have never experienced such accuracy and support by anyone in this industry. What you receive from Rick and his trading room is exceptional to say the least!"
-Tim Karis, ‘Camo-trade’ grad
"Since taking the Camouflage Trading Course, it has become much easier to spot opportunities, and my bottom line has improved dramatically. I am finally able to make steady profits without taking much risk. I would encourage anyone who is actively trading to take this course, because you will never look back. After trading for many years, I can say that this system is the best I have ever seen, and probably the best out there. That is not BS—it is the truth!"
-Mark Blattert, ‘Camo-trade’ grad

From the desk of:
Rick Ackerman
Editor and Publisher of Rick’s Picks

Dear fellow Trader,

Risk of financial loss has been investors’ biggest problem since markets have existed. Every investor wishes to eliminate risk; but most haven’t been able to figure out how.

Finally, I’ve found a way to dramatically minimize the entry risk of every trade!

It was staring me in the face across every stock chart I studied, hiding in plain sight. When I finally discovered the key to controlling risk, I’ll admit I was shocked at just how much money I’d lost because I’d failed to spot it sooner.

More importantly, I became enthusiastic about my financial future as a trader, knowing my gains were about to get a whole lot bigger – and more consistent. Little did I know how much my life was about to improve. If you’re wondering what’s the big secret, here it is:

I call it the Camouflage Trading Technique.

The word ‘camouflage’ alludes to well-hidden ‘impulse legs’ that have become the staple of every trade I do.  They are not visually obvious, and that is why they work so well: they attract very little attention.

When you tie impulse legs to the simple rules governing ‘camo trading’, the opportunities this creates will pop off the chart and smack you in the eye.

With the Camouflage Trading Technique, you will cut your trading entry risk by as much as 98%!

Having discovered this, mastered it, and taught it to many students, I have finally refined and packaged the essential material in a tight course that you can take right now.


I’m the editor and publisher of Rick’s Picks, an online service for traders from novice to expert. I’ve been trading for more than 40 years, a dozen of them as an options market-maker on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange. In the trading world, I am known for the unusual accuracy of my price predictions and for the Hidden Pivot Method I use to trade and forecast. My provocative insights and timely trading calls have made me a frequent guest on shows hosted by Max Keiser and Jim Goddard, while my thoughts on the markets and headlines have been featured by CNBC and Bloomberg, among other major media outlets and publications.

My Promise to You

I’m here to ensure that every trade you make is worth your while. How much would that kind of horse sense be worth to you?

Back in the day, I lost crippling sums of money before discovering how to play the game without losing my entire stake.

That is the value of what I promise to deliver when you sign up for my course on Camouflage Trading. The technique will make you money – and with much less risk than you may have imagined possible. It will also provide the relatively inexperienced trader with a way to avoid the paralyzing terror many novices experience when they are about to pull the trigger. Relax. From this point forward, you’re going to be right much more often, and you’re not going to lose much when you are wrong.

Hence, my second promise: to give you every ounce of value I can provide at a price that is fair and affordable. Accordingly, I’ve structured this offer so that you will be able to apply a significant portion of your tuition toward additional courses that feature some equally powerful trading tricks.

A small investment in learning has the potential to produce enormous gains over time, to pay for your tuition and to greatly shorten your learning curve. Visit my chat room and ask around if you have any doubts about how well ‘camouflage’ works.

Successful traders typically start small and increase their bet size as small wins grow more consistent. That is where you want to be, and ‘camouflage’ trading provides the best way I can offer to put you on that path. Why waste another day? Let’s get to it!.

– Rick Ackerman

Ready to make smarter, less risky trades?

  • Conquer your fear of pulling the trigger
  • Dramatically increase your win percentage
  • Trade on a limited budget
  • Eliminate guesswork and stress
  • Enhance trading tricks you already use
  • Spot trend changes the moment they begin.