Two Ways to Take the Hidden Pivot Seminar

In recent months, Hidden Pivot Seminar attendance has continued to grow. We can proudly say that Rick Ackerman’s Hidden Pivot Method is practiced daily on six of the world’s seven continents  – Antarctica being the lone, stubborn holdout.

With so many different time zones in the world, it inevitably becomes impossible to schedule a start time (normally 20:00 GMT), that is convenient to all. We recognize this, and we know that many of you would welcome the opportunity to learn The Hidden Pivot Method if only the event could be accessed via recorded video.

We’ve listened.

There are now two ways of taking The Hidden Pivot Seminar:

  • At the regularly scheduled hour, 6PM MST (GMT-6). The next live event will be displayed on the upper right of the Home Page (Rick’s Picks Seminar) or here
  •   At any time of the day or night, via the recorded version of The Hidden Pivot Seminar. If the start time of the live event is inconvenient, or even if you just can’t spare three solid hours in a row, the recorded version of the seminar is for you. Take the Hidden Pivot course at your leisure, in recorded one-hour segments. Sing up for the Hidden Pivot Seminar here

Want to take the live seminar and watch the recorded version? No problem; you can do both.

After you sign-up for the seminar we will contact you to coordinate shipment of the training manual and chart CD. At that time, you will be able to select your preferred seminar. Of course, you are free to watch the recorded version immediately.

Are you ready? Sign-up here for the Hidden Pivot Seminar.